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TERI YAAD | Ali Khan | NESCAFÉ Basement Season 5 | 2019

Nescafe Pakistan
Published on 28 Feb 2019 / In Music / Pakistani

Ali Khan’s original Teri Yaad is not just a song. It’s a story where every moment is weaved in love, melancholy and an emotion that yearns to move on yet hold the memory. Watch and hear the expression unfold as you experience the brilliance of Ali Khan’s songwriting.

Music Produced by: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan – Xulfi

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Performed and recorded Live
Vocals & Keys: Ali Khan
Acoustic Guitar: Haroon Leo
Bass Guitar: Melvin Arthur
Electric Guitar: Mohsin Raza Shah
Electric Guitar: Hasan Zafar
Drums: Bilawal Lahooti
Percussions: Veeru Shan
Lead Violin: Sharoon Leo
Violin: Amal Nadeem
Violin: Muhammad Fahad
Violin: Haider Ali
Synth & Seaboard: Rafay Siddiqui

An Original by: Ali Khan

Nescafé Basement Season 5 | TERI YAAD | Episode 4 | 2019

“Doore raha, Tumse buhut
Phir bhi kabhi, Doore na tha
Gar faasley, Thae darmiyaan
Faaslon se kab, Theen dooriyan
Teri yaad, merey saath, Din raat, chalti rahi

Teri yaad, Haan teri yaad
Merey saath...

Din guzrey raatein kateen
Tu naa magar aaya

Tera woh pyaar jhoota sahi
Mein naa bhula paaya

Meri jaan
Itnaa bhi kabhi doore naa tha
Teri yaad, Haan teri yaad
Hooo ooo
Haan aan meri jaan...

Jaaga hoon mein raatein kaii
Tu ney magar yeh jaana nahii

Aankhein meri namm hein abhii
Tu Ney Magar pehchana nahi

Terey paas sabh hai
Yeh zameen aasmaan
Yeh jahaan bhi
Merey paas bas yahan
Teri yaad, Haan teri yaad

Hoooo oooo
Haaan aaan Meri Jaaan...

Dil mein hai aik hee tamanna
Aik hee aik hee hai duaa
Mein rahoon ya naa rahoon par yahan
Tujhe aaye aik baar, Tujhe aaye aik baar
Meri yaad, haan meri yaad, Haan meri yaad, Haan meri yaad
Meri yaad terey saath din raat chalti rahegi...
Haan meri yaad, Haan meri yaad

“Hoooo oo ooo”

Haan meri yaad
Terey saath....”

TERI YAAD (English Translation):

I have been very away from you
Yet it never felt that distant
Yes we had drifted apart
But it wasn’t mere distance that kept us apart
Your memories stayed with me, always

Your memories
With me

Days went by and the nights flew away
But you never came back

Even though your love was a lie
I just couldn’t forget it

My love
I was never that far away from you

Your memories
Hooo ooo
Yes my life..

I have had so many countless nights
But you would have never known
I am teary-eyed right now
But you have never noticed

You have everything
From the earth to the sky
And the whole universe
And all I have is
Your memory

Hoooo oooo
Oh yes my life

There is only one wish in my heart
One and only prayer
Whether I exist or not
Just once in your life, once in your life
You think of me
The thought of me stays with you forever
Yes my memory

“Hoooo oo ooo”

My memory..
With you…

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