About us

About the service provided by Filmlinks4u.site

When creating a user account at Filmlinks4u.site you automatically become a player (uploader and content publisher) where through the customizable channel included in the user account created by you, You can upload (upload) new videos (personal, family, business, own and original recordings) or import (share) videos from other channels and users already on other video platforms.

How does it work?

Have you ever shared any video from youtube or from any other video platform on any of your social networks like facebook, twitter, Linkedin or any other social network simply because you liked the watched content and then decided to share?
At Filmlinks4u.site you can do that too! But in a different way, and possibly even better.
And how can you do that?
1. Use your best email to create a user account at Filmlinks4u.site and get your customizable channel to upload new videos and disseminate content through Filmlinks4u.site's video platform. It 's free, and forever will be.
2. Use the customizable channel you acquire by creating a Filmlinks4u.site user account to upload new videos (personal, family, business, own and original) or to import (share) videos from other existing user channels on other video platforms.
3. Check the requirements for monetization.
4. Use your partner networks to advertise your channel created on Filmlinks4u.site, as well as the videos you upload or import on your channel.
5. Make Money!
In Filmlinks4u.site everybody wins, every video imported (shared) from other video platforms to the Filmlinks4u.site platform not only improves the engagement of the user content of other platforms but also increases the visibility and positioning only to the owners channel of the shared video according to the TOS of each platform, but also to the player (uploader and content publisher), ie you. Have you thought about how you could promote your channel using your social networks? Consider that the higher the number of subscribers on your channel, the higher your earnings can be.
Create your account now and start uploading (uploading new videos) and importing (sharing) existing videos into other video platforms to increase your potential in Filmlinks4u.site's video platform and social networks to earn even more.
Success for new players.