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Queen of Tears' Lee Joo Bin Talk About Her Journey from Rejection to Recognition: "I Kept Getting Rejected from Auditions"

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Lee Joo Bin shares her tough journey from endless audition rejections to acclaim in Queen of Tears, revealing her growth and new roles.

From childhood aspirations to the demanding screens of stardom, Lee Joo Bin's journey into the acting world has been anything but a straight path. But she has gone through a lot of difficult times for a decade by facing continuous rejections on her auditions. The latest well-praised K-drama Queen of Tears is been the most successful project in her career and viewers have been very happy with her strong acting.

After getting a lot of praise in this drama, Joo Bin shares the struggles that shaped her career. "It's amazing and overwhelming to receive so much love," Joo Bin expressed in a recent interview, reflecting on the challenging road that led her to her breakthrough. Her acting career began at 28, an age considered late in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry, with a silent role in the SBS drama Whisper.

Despite early typecasting and limited roles that often emphasized her looks over her talent, Joo Bin never let her dream waver. "I was cast through auditions for Queen of Tears, facing as many as 15 audition scenes," she recalls. Her portrayal of Cheon Da Hye, a complex character with hidden depths, finally allowed her to showcase her acting skills.

Da Hye's character, described by Joo Bin as "immature and unambitious," evolves greatly throughout the series, driven by the transformative love she receives from her husband, Hong Soo Cheol. "He's the one who gave Da Hye the love she had never received in her life, like [the kind of love she was supposed to get from] her parents." Joo Bin explains, highlighting the emotional layers she explored in her role.

She continued, "From the first time they met when they were young, Soo Cheol gave Da Hye everything she asked for. At first, the feelings Da Hye felt towards Soo Cheol were just guilt and apologies, but after receiving love from Soo Cheol, she grows into someone who can give and receive love."


Her dedication extended off-screen as well, with Joo Bin investing in luxury clothes and accessories to authentically embody the chaebol family’s daughter-in-law. "I bought about 5 to 6 clothes straight from luxury brands... my hands shaking with great excitement," she shared, detailing her character’s glamorous facade, which was a stark contrast to her own simplistic personal style.

Before her rise to fame, Joo Bin grappled with financial hardships, juggling part-time jobs to fund her auditions and living expenses. She considers her role in the 2018 drama Mr. Sunshine as her true debut, being the first role where she actually had lines.

Reflecting on her past rejections, she noted, "I kept getting rejected from auditions, but I persevered with the mindset of quitting after I had debuted. I think I auditioned for ten years with a feeling of resentment."

Today, Lee Joo Bin is going to start shooting for her upcoming role in Guardians, where she will portray Han Do Kyung, a skilled martial artist. It will be a totally different side of her acting from what we currently seen in Queen of Tears and fulfill her long-standing wish to perform action scenes. "I always used to say in interviews that 'I want to do action scenes,'" she said, excited about the upcoming project.

As she moves forward, Joo Bin's aspirations remain grounded. "I've played a lot of flashy characters... so I want to play an ordinary character," she muses, hoping to connect more deeply with her audience through relatable roles.

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