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Joker's Joaquin Phoenix Curses Out Crew Member In BTS Footage

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Is Joaquin Phoenix a spoiled movie star… or is he pulling our collective leg once again?

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Phoenix was presented with an outtake from Joker in which he appears to go on a profane rant. Much awkward joking between Phoenix and Kimmel then ensued, and we're not sure exactly what to make of this for so many reasons.

Phoenix and Kimmel were engaging in easy banter, the star appeared engaged and relaxed, and everything was going fine until Kimmel appeared to drop a pretty awkward bombshell. Specifically, he showed a clip from a supposed "outtake reel" courtesy of Joker director Todd Phillips that didn't exactly show the most flattering side of Mr. Phoenix. In the clip, Phoenix gaunt and partially made up is attempting to tap into his character, Arthur Fleck, aka the Joker. Unfortunately, this proves difficult thanks in no small part to the "constant whispering" of a crew member named Larry.

Although it's not heard, it's implied that a man named Larry accuses Phoenix of being a diva by way of referring to him as "Cher," which irks the star even more.

Phoenix then declares that he simply can't carry on, and walks out of the frame.

When the interview resumes, Phoenix appears profoundly embarrassed, adjusting his tie and appearing to start sweating.

He says that last part somewhat jokingly, and throughout, the audience is laughing along, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

It's rather disarming and a little weird to see such a massively talented actor set completely off his axis, looking confused and mortified unless, that is, you're familiar with the months-long piece of performance art which Phoenix staged roughly a decade ago. In October 2008, Phoenix made the surprising announcement that he was quitting acting to focus full-time on music rap music, to be exact. He made good on his promise to become a rapper early the following year, with a debut performance in Las Vegas that was equal parts unintentionally hilarious and actually painful. Keep watching the video to see when Joker's Joaquin Phoenix curses out crew member in BTS footage.

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