What is Cloud Storage? How Does Cloud Storage Work

Cloud storage is a service model or a cloud computing model in which all of your data is stored on the internet through the storage provider companies.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service model or a cloud computing model in which all of your data is stored on the internet through the storage provider companies. Users store their data on the storage provided by these providers companies. All the storage is managed and operated by those providers, you don’t need to worry about that. You pay for the storage that you use.

By using this online storage, you don’t need to store data on your local computer hard drives. Because you can store only a limited amount of data on your hard drives. When you ran out of storage, you need an external storage device to store more of your data. But by using online storage, you will get unlimited storage to store any of your files. You can access this data from any device such as your computer or mobile, any time and from anywhere by the use of a stable internet connection.

Moreover, cloud storage provides you elasticity, it means you can control your capacity when data storage increases or can also lower down the capacity if needed. You only have to pay according to your consumption of storage. But you even pay more to get higher data volumes. It’s up to you for which purposes you are using online storage.

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How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage uses different servers to store the data. The user sends their files to these data servers manually or automatically. These servers are actually virtual machines that are hosted on physical locations or servers. This storage uses more than one server. The reason is that if any server is down due to some problem or maintenance purpose, the data still remains available to the users and they can access the data easily.

The server with which the user is connected forward its data to other different servers located in different datacenters. It depends on the provider companies how many data centers they have and where they are located.

Cloud Storage Types

There are three main types of cloud-based models that are:

1.) Public Storage Cloud

In this cloud-based model, users are using cloud storage with the use of the internet. Third-party companies control and manage this storage. GoogleAmazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure are popular provider companies. You are provided with a user area to store and manage your data. Storage provider companies operate, control, and maintain the whole infrastructure. You only need a single device and a stable internet connection to access your data from anywhere in the world.

2.) Private Storage

Private storage designs for a single person or a company that owns this storage. This storage actually uses those data servers that are under the control of the organization that owns those servers. The organizations that want flexibility in their data storage use this storage.

The private storage includes two formats: on-premise and externally hosted. Both of these work good but are only for businesses not for individuals for their personal use. Instead of service providers, all the control of the servers is in the hands of the organization, it means they can design and control their system according to their business needs.

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